Jan 19, 2023Liked by Rob Brown

I got an email for this post, and kind of surprised me. I can certainly understand why you don't like Biden, since I never liked him even before he became Obama's vice President, or Clinton's, and never cared for Bill Clinton either,  since he really shifted the party to the right. Not to mention incorporating 3 more countries into NATO before he left office. You like Billie Eilish, her music, but when you found out she supported Biden it turned you off to the point you didn't want to listen to her? Years ago I think that was the reason many people didn't talk politics, since it can really alienate people, but you really are sensitive on that issue. What if she had supported Trump? Not to be nosy, but have you always felt this way? I know during the Trump years people became very alienated from each other which I never understood. I didn't vote in the 2016 election, and was glad Clinton didn't win, since she is someone who is self serving, with an unhealthy need for power, and a war monger. If someone voted for her it wouldn't bother me, unless they were given to hate filled Trump rants, which many people did, and even publicly, and calling for his death. Now that is a turn off. I have lost several relationships with people because I was not a Clinton supporter, but I didn't vote for Trump. I think the hatred and lies spewed by the left, the mainstream media, just about everyone, except those so called "deplorables " was disgusting. Disgusting that the democrats made a concerted illegal effort to try and remove Trump from office. Overall they adopted a very authoritarian stance, yet no one has held them accountable, but hopefully the republicans will investigate those issues, so they are not repeated.  

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